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Let Ashford Kirby Convert Your Basement or Garage Into Living Space

Ashford Kirby can turn your basement or garage into space you can use.

Often a basement is the most underutilized space in your home. Ashford Kirby can help you change that by turning what may be a dark, cold and uninviting storage space into light, warm, comfortable space you can use, space you will want to use. Your underutilized space could become a game room, a den, a rumpus room, a bar, space for a pool table, a television room, or an elegant, cozy new living area.

The list below contains some ideas that you might want to consider, as you decide what kind of basement renovation would be right for you.

And there are other features you might want to considering adding. It may be possible to increase the window size and bring in additional natural light.

At the same time, you may want to make any room do double duty as an additional bedroom or guest room by adding a Murphy bed that looks like a finely crafted wood cabinet during the day and gently opens to a full size, comfortable bed at night.

Please contact us for more information about turning your basement or garage into useable, comfortable, living space!

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